Live Holy Love - Romans 8:1-17 - Pastor Matt O’Reilly - 5.21.2017

May 23, 2017

Who is the Holy Spirit? He's the Spirit of the God who raised Jesus from the dead. That's power. That's power like no other. And that Holy Spirit wants to put that power to work in our lives. Right now. Are you ready? Do you want to walk in the Spirit?

Called to Action - 1 Peter 1:3-9, 13-16 - Pastor Matt O’Reilly - 5.14.2017

May 17, 2017

Scripture talks a lot about hope for the future. But what does it say about hope for the present? How does the resurrection of Jesus give us hope for today? Hope to live a transformed life? Hope to be holy? 

From Suffering to Hope - 2 Cor 4:7-5:5 - Pastor Matt O’Reilly 5.7.2017

May 9, 2017

Where can you find hope when you are suffering deeply? The apostle Paul's life models for us a surprising attitude that sees suffering as an opportunity for God to reproduce his character in us. Paul wants his life to show the life of Christ. That's his priority, even when he is in pain. He never minimizes human suffering, but he does maximize the hope for glory. Take a listen to this week's SermonCast to discover how much Christ wants to walk with you in your places of pain.